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Frequently Asked Questions

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Turkey accounts for a quarter of all Thomas Cook Airlines flight-only bookings.

Will Waggott, chief of tour operating for Thomas Cook, said: ‘Britain may be living through unique times from a political perspective, however our desire to holiday abroad is clear.

‘Thomas Cook’s 2019 Holiday Report reveals that the political turmoil is having an impact in other ways, revealing itself in a clear shift to non-EU countries and a growth in all-inclusive.

‘Turkey has already overtaken Greece to claim the number two spot of most desirable summer destinations and Tunisia is working its way back up the popularity stakes as it re-establishes itself as a hotspot for British tourists.’

Current Situation

The state of emergency situation declared in the whole country for three months from 21.07.2016 is a package of precautions that will be applied within the framework of constitutional law to increase the security precautions for the purpose of ensuring that the government will be able to fight threats against the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

The package of precautions in question does not include any provisions that would restrict fundamental rights and freedoms. The security precautions to be applied shall, in any means, not affect the daily lives of Turkish citizens and the travels and holidays of the visitors travelling to our country and does not constitute any impediment against the international tourism processes and air traffic. There are no unfavorable conditions that would prevent our visitors to spend their holidays in safety in any of our destinations.


What is the best currency to take and where can I change my money?

It is possible to change money in either of the two banks (open 08:30-17:00) in Dalyan or in the post office (PTT – open 08:30-18:00). There are also cash machines in parts of the village. All three places change traveller’s cheques and also have ATMs which accept major credit cards. If a card refuses to work in one, simply try another place. Most shops and businesses prefer cash, but credit cards are accepted in almost all of them. The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. At the time of our brochure going to press £1.00 buys approximately 2.3 YTL Yeni Turkish Lira

The rate of exchange is usually better in Turkey itself and most hotels and many shops will be able to change Sterling cash and travellers cheques. Visa and MasterCard are also fairly widely accepted. Please note that Scottish notes are not usually accepted.

Packing & Baggage

The standard baggage allowance on the charter flights operating is 15kg or 20kg for checked baggage plus one small item of cabin baggage not exceeding 5kg in weight per person. Infants (under 2 years as at the date of homeward travel) do not qualify for a separate baggage allowance. Please note that computers, radios and other electronic items must not be packed in your main baggage but carried as part of your hand luggage.

Also you will need £10 for a visa paid on entry before you go through Passport control

Ground Representation

Individual villa owners determine which service agents they employ. We are privileged to use Oructravel and Kaunos Tours who meet you at the arrivals after collecting luggage. Go through the glass doors and look for you name on a board with the Oructravel or Kaunos tours sign when you go down the concrete ramp where the taxis and transfer coaches are parked. In an emergency contact the local number you have been provided with. You should ensure you have the emergency number to hand when you arrive and money for the taxi in Lira, Euros or UK pounds. A representative will accompany you to your villa and open it for you. It is usually the same company who collects you from the airport.

Can we drink the water and what is the voltage?

The voltage is 220 volts AC, and you will need a two-pin adapter plug.

Conserving the water supply is important and although plenty of water is usually available, be aware that problems, whilst rare, can and do occur.

In some villas the water heating is solar power, in early or late season when the weather is not so good there may be a lack of hot water, especially if you use baths instead of showers. In larger villas try to stagger the shower times as the water pressure can dip if too many showers are all calling on the same supply at the same time.

Very occasionally there can be power cuts from time to time; please be patient and check the trip fuse-ways if you can to ensure it has not tripped. Call local office for assistance if it persists on 00902522843237.

The water in Dalyan is artesian so is very natural and clean, however it has a very high mineral content and if you are not used to it may cause upset stomach. We recommend you use bottled water.

What if I want to make a change to my holiday?

Changes are not permitted depending on the tour operator & after 8 weeks before you are due to depart, the whole amount is due. If your flight details have changed PLEASE ENSURE YOU INFORM THE OFFICE. Please contact us and we can advise what change may or may not be possible.

Where can I find contact details for the Dalyan Villas team?

We can be contacted by ringing 0191 567 2646 in the UK and 00902522843237 in Dalyan. Alternatively e-mail us on: or

Are towels provided in the villas?

Bath towels are provided in all of our villas, but we do ask you not to use them around the pool as sun cream and sun damages them. Beach towels are provided in some of our villas but this will be detailed in the individual villa information. Towels can be bought cheaply at the local market on Saturdays in Dalyan.

What if we break something?

If you break something please try to replace it if you can, if you can’t, please report it to your representative. Depending what the item is you may be charged for the breakage from your damage deposit after the villa has been inspected following your departure. Please don’t leave the air conditioning units on while out of the villa as this can result in their overheating. You wouldn’t leave a fire on at home when not in the home!

Accommodation and Changeover day

Your villa will normally be available to you between 1pm and 4pm on your day of travel, (the cleaners in larger villas will need till 4 pm to complete the washing and cleaning) however, during peak season you may not be able to have access to your villa until 4pm on the day of arrival. This night will be counted as the first night of your holiday whether you are on a day or a night flight. When departing, it is usual to have to leave your villa by 10 am on the final day to allow for cleaning before the new arrivals. Depending when the next clients arrive, you can use the pool and outside facilities up to 4pm. Wherever possible, our representatives will try to arrange for a courtesy room for showering and changing if you have a late flight but this cannot be guaranteed. In some cases, the room can be kept on and late cleaning of the room can be arranged by paying a fee directly to the accommodation.


The Turkish sun is very fierce. Please wear high factor sun cream for the first few days. Unfortunately Dalyan has mosquitoes, which sometimes can be a nuisance. In the evening wear mosquito repellent, use electric mosquito tablets in your room and if bitten wash each bite with plenty of soap and water and then apply some antihistamine cream (available from the chemist or eczane – open 09:00 – 21:00) liberally to each bite. The chemists speak English and are very well trained and stock all internationally known drugs. The water in Dalyan is safe to drink, however it is high in mineral content and drinking two or three litres of it every day, if you are not used to it, can lead to a slightly queasy stomach. We recommend you by bottled water instead. If you do need to attend a doctor, there is one opposite the post office, he will decide if you require hospital treatment. Depending on your complaint, you may be sent to Ortaca (11kms and a new intensive care unit) Mugla (40km) Marmaris (100km ) or Izmir, (Private specialised hospitals). You will require private medical insurance for this. Your holiday price excludes holiday insurance (which is ESSENTIAL). Turkey is currently not in the EEU so you are not covered by your E111. Private healthcare in Turkey is excellent and in some cases superior to NHS at home.

Swimming in the pool and sea

With any beach holiday, the sea is always an attraction and particularly within the Dalyan area that we feature. At times there will be strong currents and undertows to take account of. Great care should be taken to stay well within designated areas as well as within your depth and capacity, particularly if you are not a strong swimmer, and never, ever swim (or even frolic in the waves) under the influence of alcohol. Children should always be supervised and never swim in the pool or sea without an adult present. NEVER RUN AROUND THE POOL especially if the paving is Travertine as this, like marble, is very slippy when wet.

What is the climate like?

The Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey enjoy agreeable year round weather; however in the height of the summer it is not unusual for temperatures to reach over 35C. Make sure sun protection is always used and it is very important to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration (we recommend only to drink bottled water and not from the tap). As in all Mediterranean countries mosquitoes can be a nuisance. It is a good idea to apply repellent to ankles and any exposed skin areas. Mosquito machines for the room are also widely available in the U.K. as well as many of the resorts. Mosquitoex – can be bought in UK duty free and is a total block of mosquitos and is non smelling.


What are the Passports & Visas requirements?

It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party are in possession of a valid and acceptable passport, and any other visa or travel documents that may be required. The information given here is applicable to British citizens holding a full 10 year British passport. All other nationalities or British citizens not holding a British passport should check the passport and visa requirements directly with the Turkish Embassy in London. Wives plus children under 16 who are included on another person’s passport can only travel if accompanied by that person. If they are travelling alone they must have their own full passport. Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date. Note: since October 1998, children under 16 are required to have their own passport. Please allow enough time for these to be applied for. Children who are already included in their parent’s passport are not affected by this change until the passport is renewed or the children reach 16. British passport holders are required to pay a visa charge on entry into Turkey. At the time of writing this is £10 per person, including infants, payable in Sterling £10 notes. Scottish notes are not accepted.


Naturally, you are subject to the laws of Turkey and must respect local culture, customs and dress code. Touching drugs in any shape or form will land you in jail or worse. If you cause, or appear likely to cause, damage or distress to others or to property, either ourselves or the supplier concerned (air carrier, hotel or ground handler, etc) may terminate their services on the spot without refund or compensation. Please also be aware that topless sunbathing is frowned on in public beaches and be discreet around your pool please.


Turkish is the national language however in all the resorts we feature, you will find English is widely spoken. The locals really appreciate it if you try to say a few words in Turkish.

Turkey is a Muslim country and you will see many mosques in the resorts with their attractive minarets, however we should warn you that the traditional call to prayer has now been modernised in many places. Most minarets now boast a sound system that would not be out of place in a disco. Be prepared, it’s part of your holiday experience – and it doesn’t last too long!

What is the best way to get around?

Taxis are the most convenient way of getting around but tend to cost the most.

Dolmus buses are the cheapest way of getting from A to B. They operate from beside the Statue of the Turtle in front of Isbankasi Bank and go to Marmaris, Fethiye, Ortaca and Iztuzu (turtle) beach. Printed on the Dolmus office is a timetable.

Another way to get to Iztuzu beach is by boat, the cheapest being the public boats, otherwise known as the Dalyan co-op boats.

Car rental is easy to arrange and the roads are mostly adequate and well sign posted. If hiring a car in turkey, you are certainly recommended to play safe and hire one from an international company that is also recognised in your home country. It is not necessary to hire a car in Dalyan as everything is so accessible. Scooter hire is fraught with danger and not recommended. Tarmac on roads can melt in summer heat!

Crime and emergencies

What if there is no-one to meet us at the airport?

You will have been emailed a contact number with your final confirmation, of your local representative. Occasionally the traffic can be heavy so please give them a few minutes. Try looking for an Oructravel representative or Kaunos Tours or Brilliant Tours. In peak season we the service agents may have to contract out Transfers to another company. Please ensure the taxi takes you to the door and waits until you are inside.

Please take the usual precautions. Use the safes if your villa has one, keep your wallets in an inside pocket and do not leave any valuables unattended. You must report anything stolen or lost to the local police or Jandarme and get a report before you can claim on your insurance. You should also inform your local representative. Emergency numbers are: Police 155 Jandarme 156 Ambulance 112 Fire 110 To use these numbers from a public call box you need a phone card.

Emergency Numbers in Turkey

112 Medical Emergency / Ambulance
110 Fire
155 Police
154 Traffic
156 Gendarmerie
159 Highways Department
158 Coast Security
113 Medical Care

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