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Value for money in Dalyan restaurants compared to Venice

Quartet of Japanese tourists ordered steak, grilled fish and water and were charged €1,100 in restaurant in a recent example of the crazy prices that can be charged in Europe for holiday meals. anither example is a friend who paid €37 for a beer in Venice and was shocked when he querried the price only […]

Jet2 ramps up flights to Turkey for summer 2018 and Jet2holidays have announced major expansion to their Turkey programme for summer 2018 to keep up with demand. The airline and its sister tour operator are adding more than 70,000 extra seats to the destination, which will almost double the programme for summer 2018. The expansion includes the launch of a new Birmingham to […]

Green Spaces: Dalyan, Turkey | The Times

Reproduced from an article by Annie Gatti Sunday Times Published at 9:39PM, December 2 2008 Category winner: Best Open Space (Europe) Iztuzu beach in Dalyan is that rare thing in the Mediterranean: a 4.5km arc of golden sand stretching from the base of a pine-clad mountain to a river delta, with not a single house, […]

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